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The Quit Back Pain Program is specifically designed for back pain patients who need a highly structured, individual, and research-based program to regain mobility, strength, core stability and general fitness.

People who would benefit from the program

  • Back pain sufferers in need of increased core stability and strength to regain function.
  • De-conditioned patients in need of an increase in independent activity and fitness levels.
  • Worker’s compensation patients who have reached a plateau with hands on therapy and management.
  • Chronic pain sufferers who are becoming more inactive and pain focused.
  • Patients who have had orthopaedic surgery for lumbar spine problems and need more active intervention.
  • Post natal women needing to regain core stability and strength.
  • Back Pain patients needing to lose weight and improve fitness to reduce blood pressure, depression and fatigue.

What is involved…

This comprehensive program involves a detailed 1 hour initial assessment followed by the implementation of a structured exercise and rehabilitation program. The program is broken into 4 distinct stages:

  1. Alignment / CV Fitness: Flexibility, range of motion and general fitness.
  2. Inner Unit / CV Fitness: inner core muscle control and general fitness.
  3. Outer Unit – CV Fitness: larger muscle groups, more advanced exercises and more specific fitness.
  4. Maintenance / Athletic: more advanced program to allow return to sport and work situations.

The Sessions…

A typical consultation session will involve 30 minutes of specific one-on-one supervision by the therapist followed by 20-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise using state of the art equipment.

Your Commitment:

The program involves a commitment from you to attend sessions 2-3 times each week for a minimum of 4 weeks.

No Lock-in Contracts!

There are no lock-in contracts so you can suspend the program at any time should you be going on holidays or are unable to attend for a short period – a home exercise program will be given to ensure continued success.


  • Initial Physiotherapy Assessment and Program Design (1 hour)
  • Treatment / Exercise Consultation Sessions (30mins plus CV time)
  • Private health fund rebates are available for all consults. Insurance patients are billed directly to the insurer.


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