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Discover Pilates Pack

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Discover Pilates packs are combinations of Physiotherapy Assessment, Reformer Pilates sessions, and progression sessions with a Clinical Pilates Physiotherapist.


Introduce people to Reformer Pilates who have no previous experience of pilates
They are most relevant for people who:

1. Want to improve their core stability
2. Want to improve their lower back pain
3. Post-partum pregnancy recovery, improve core stability
4. Tone-up in a safe and supervised way.
5. Want to discover Pilates!

The Pack Consists of:

– 1 x 40 minute assessment and Pilates Session with Physiotherapist ($165)
– 1 x 20 minute Pilates Session with Physiotherapist + Independent Pilates afterwards ($92)
– 10 x Independent Pilates Sessions (40 minutes) (2 x per week for 5 weeks) ($160)
– 1 Review Pilates Session with Physiotherapist + New Exercise Session ($92)
– A further 10 Independent Pilates Sessions (40 minutes) ($160)

All for:

$499 (Save $170)

(Health Fund Rebateable)

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a form of exercise which aims at strengthening the core muscles. It has been adapted by Physiotherapists based on recent research into the importance of core stability in the rehabilitation and prevention of injury and peak performance. Core muscles assist with supporting our bodies through movement which in turn can assist with rehabilitation of injuries including back injuries, knee and hip problems and neck pain. It can also be a great way to complement other areas of training and improve balance, coordination and strength. 

At Active Physio Health, we are the only clinic in Gladstone to provide Clinical Pilates Classes run by physiotherapists utilising spring loaded equipment known as Reformers along with other equipment such as fitballs, therabands and bosu balls. 

We are running small classes of 3-4 people per class. We have many different class times available. 

It can be very simple and gentle or designed to be highly complex and challenging depending on your individual needs. An assessment is completed by one of our physiotherapists prior to undertaking any sessions to ensure a suitable program for you.

You will then be taken through your clinical Pilates program in a one on one session with your physiotherapist. We recommend at least two one on one session are completed to understand and safely undertake exercises.

Once your Clinical Pilates Physiotherapist is happy with how you are going with your program you can move into a Group Pilates Package.  Buy a 4 class pack and you can attend group Pilates sessions as many times as you like.  Save $$$$$ and see results faster.

All our classes are run by trained physiotherapist and you will continue to undertake your own program that is specifically designed for you.

Call us now to book your assessment with one of our physiotherapists.


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