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Acupuncture Provides A Traditional, Natural & Drug Free Solution…
Clinic Session Times – Monday To Friday: 9am/3pm.
Call: (07) 4972 5155 To Make An Appointment.
About our acupuncturist

Elizabeth Orr


I am a Physiotherapist – graduating (NZ) in 1995 with a BHSc (Physio), a further Post Graduate Diploma in Western Acupuncture (NZ) added in 2001…

Moving my business name (2018) under the roof of Active Physio Health has enabled me to step away from management processes and concentrate on what I love! So if you would like to book a time for me to assess and treat your issue, call 49725155 and I would love to see you at 33 Off St Gladstone.  I currently work weekdays with a late night Thursday, and would consider it a privilege to help you…. Find Out More

What you need to know about our physiotherapists & clinics:
  • All our therapists are highly skilled & trained in the most effective Acupuncture practices.
  • All Acupuncture sessions can be claimed through your health insurance.
  • All Acupuncture sessions can be claimed through your health insurance.
  • Our clinic is a registered NDIS provider & can provide Acupuncture through the NDIS.
More important information regarding visits to our clinics:
  • You can book your Acupuncture appointment directly online or by phone.
  • We only provide Acupuncture at the clinic, so home visits are not available.
  • We offer all our patients a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • All treatment rooms have the latest equipment & are air conditioned throughout.

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