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Dan Poole

Topic: Strapping and Taping Workshop
Location: Biloela PCYC
Date: Wed. 29th June, 7:00pm

Jack Sheppard

Topic: Common sporting injuries and prevention
Location: Yaralla gym, Gladstone
Date: Thurs. 7th July, 6:00pm

Ben Mooney

Topic: Enhancing Adolescent Performance,
Location: Gladstone Clinic, 33 Off Street
Date: Sat. 23rd July, 10:00am

Shayne Podbury

Topic: Preventing chronic back pain with core stability secrets
Location: Gladstone clinic, 33 Off Street
Date: Tues. 23rd August, 6:00pm

Dom Stockdale

Topic: Common sports strapping techniques
Location: Chanel College, Gladstone
Date: Sat. 24th September, 10:00am

Phil Smith

Topic: Exercises that increase the potential for injury
Location: Gladstone clinic, 33 Off Street
Date: Tues. 2nd November, 6:00pm

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