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Clinical Pilates

This is a form of exercise designed to strengthen the core muscles. It uses specialised spring loaded equipment known as Reformers. It is fantastic for rehabilitation of injuries, especially neck, back and lower limb conditions. These exercises are best performed under the watchful eye of our pilates trained physiotherapists, but once they are confident with your ability, you may use the equipment independently.

Assisted Crunch

Bent Leg Push-outs

Bicep Curl

Bunny Hops

Chest Press


Clinical Pilates



Hip Rolls

Hundreds variations

Knee Stretch


Moving Plank

One Arm Pulldown


Reformer Rows


Row Crunch


Seated Float

Side arm position

Side Star

Slide Star

Stomach massage

Straight Leg Push

Swimming exercise

Upper Limb exercises

Upper Trap Row

Wall Unit Pull-downs

Wall unit rows


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