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Importance of Shoulder Exercises

Trying to turn those shoulders into boulders, but heavy weights are causing you pain? The rotator cuff is the primary muscle complex involved in stabilizing your shoulder. Dysfunction and weakness in these muscles could be limiting your training and shoulder development. Studies have shown rotator cuff dysfunction is predictive of Injury and sporting performance. Issues with the rotator cuff aren’t just limited to the gym. Throwing and upper limb sports such as cricket, tennis andread more

Should you exercise through pain?

  Pain is complex, and deciding whether a pain is ‘bad’ enough to get something done about it can be tough. Exercising can be a pain but can also cause pain. Contrary to popular belief pain is not always ‘bad’, as pain and tissue damage are poorly correlated. For example, migraines and muscle cramps can be painful but are not due to tissue damage/trauma.     There are certain things I ask my patients toread more

Shin Splints? They can be fixed!

Do you suffer pain in your shins when running or playing sports, even walking long distances? Many people suffer shin splints, often chronically and end up sacrificing their sporting endeavours due to it. The good news is that it can be fixed, the bad news sometimes it requires patience! Medial tibial Pain Syndrome or Shin Splints is trauma caused to the shin by repetitive pulling from the muscles of the lower leg that attach toread more

Neck Pain? We can help!!

Dull pain in your neck and shoulders, feels good over the weekend but made worse by being at work or driving long hours? You may have Monday morning syndrome. We can’t fix that. However, disc irritations in your neck we can. Irritations of the cervical discs (in your neck) sound frightening but in reality are a very common injury amongst desk workers, drivers and manual workers. It can cause pain in the neck, shoulders andread more

Lower Back Pain – it can be fixed!

Got that new job you were looking for but the heavy lifting is taking its toll? Pain in the backside that you just can’t shift, even when you’ve gotten out the way of the kids and the boss? Lumbar disc irritations are the leading cause of lower back pain as well as referred pain to the buttock and thigh. Lumbar discs are irritated by positions of prolonged, repeated or loaded flexion. For example sitting, bending,read more

Logging your Jogging

It’s no secret that many runners find themselves hampered by injury when training for races or just jogging to keep the pounds off. Understanding why injuries occur is a complex topic with many variables, but how can you expect to be able to identify the cause of an injury when we can’t recall the distance, hills ran, fatigue score for each run, weights in gym sessions, and most importantly how much rest we are gettingread more

I’ve been told I should never run again

I often hear this phrase when I am treating patients, and it’s one that particularly gets on my British nerves. Commonly a doctor or consultant has told them this, due to a problem with their knees. Often it is said after knee surgery, or scans have revealed cartilage damage or osteo arthritis (OA). Clearly there are certain situations where running could be detrimental, but I find this phrase is branded around way too often. Asread more

Headaches and Toothache? May not be the sugary food to blame

Waking up with persistent headaches? Tooth and jaw pain you just can’t shift no matter how many sugary sacrifices you make? The Temporomandibular joint, otherwise known as your Jaw, can be the source of unremitting and frustrating pain. Dysfunctions of both the muscles of the jaw and the joint itself can cause radiating pain into your teeth as well as into your head, especially if your symptoms aren’t always related to eating. Some of theread more

Wrist/Hand pain explained

Do you find your hand and wrist sore at the end of the working day? Strange sensations in your fingers, weakness or numbness? Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very common condition that often affects manual workers and people with desk based occupations. It is caused by repetitive movements and positions that result in a tightening of a sheath across the palm side of your wrist. This compresses a nerve and can result in pain andread more

The blame lies at your Feet

Running long distances, but your joints are giving out before your lungs? Pounding the pavement but being hindered by pain in your hips, knees or ankles? The biomechanics of your feet may be to blame. The position of your foot as you stand, walk and run is integral to the function and health of the joints in your lower limb and lower back. Abnormalities in your foot position when running for example, can cause excessiveread more


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