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You Deserve to Lose Your Headache

During September and October, 2016, the physiotherapists at Active Physio Health helped 40 out of 48 patients lose their headaches. That’s a whopping 83% success rate. Yes, it’s true and it could be you!

Did you know three out of every five people reading this are likely to have headaches? And there now seems to be a never-ending list of different pills and potions available today that supposedly may get rid of these headaches.

Finding what is right for each person can be mind boggling. At Active Physio Health, our comprehensive testing and screening, enables us to find the possible cause of your headache as well as working out what the best solution to your headaches is. Our specialised treatment program is a personalised headache management system designed to treat the possible cause of your headaches and not just cover up the symptoms. Why wouldn’t you want to lose your headaches forever?

Not only that but we will teach you how to stop them from coming back.

Guarantee: Our guarantee is that if you do not understand the cause of your headaches after one consultation, we will give you your money back – no questions asked. That’s how confident we are at delivering our services to you!

Those headache sufferers who are looking to find a solution to their problem need to book an appointment today by calling us on 4972 5155.

You’ll be glad you did!


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