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Muscle soreness after exercise – DOMS

We have all experienced that feeling of aching sore muscles after exercise whether it is after the first session in a couple of years or after a particularly hard work out. This is commonly known as “Delayed onset of muscle soreness” or DOMS for short.

DOMS is exercise related muscle pain which develops after exercise, this is due to microtrauma which occurs in the muscles resulting in an inflammatory process. The muscular soreness develops and can last up to 24-72hours but may last longer depending on the intensity of the workout.

To prevent DOMs or decrease symptoms after future exercises the easiest way to do this is to gradually build up your exercise program apposed to going in guns blazing. Gradually building up the volume of training this is around 10% per week.

If you are experiencing the symptoms of DOMS there are a number of ways in which you can self-manage these include get moving, don’t be afraid to use these muscles gentle exercise can assist in reducing the stiffness, there is a reason cyclist doing the Tour de France will go for a light ride of at least a 100km on their “rest day”. Foam rolling, using a spikey ball or trigger ball for self-massage and heat can help to relieve some of the symptoms associated with DOMs.

Hopefully the tips above will keep your muscles feeling great after your workouts. If you have any questions or feel your muscle soreness has lasted longer than a week, then to book in to see your physiotherapist who can provide you with personalised instructions and advice.


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