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Lower Back Pain – it can be fixed!

Got that new job you were looking for but the heavy lifting is taking its toll? Pain in the backside that you just can’t shift, even when you’ve gotten out the way of the kids and the boss? Lumbar disc irritations are the leading cause of lower back pain as well as referred pain to the buttock and thigh. Lumbar discs are irritated by positions of prolonged, repeated or loaded flexion. For example sitting, bending, lifting, this causes an inflammation in the disc which can often, when left, irritate a local nerve. Nerve irritation can lead to unusual and persistent pain or numbness into the buttock or leg. So that general back ache that you moan is old age, may be more than just the sum of your years. Get it looked at, get it sorted, one less pain in the ass to deal with.

lower_back1Here are a couple of easy ways to prevent lower back pain:

  • Knee rolls: lying on your back, relax your back muscles and let your knees roll out to one side then to the other. This helps loosen the joints of your lower back and stretch the muscles.
  • Lumbar Roll: using a lumbar roll when driving or sitting at work helps maintain the natural curve of your back, reducing stress on your joints.

To learn more about lower back pain, please contact Jack at Active Physio Health on ph. 4972 5155, or request an appointment today!


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