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Lower Back Issues? It Could Be Your Posture!!

Lower Back Issues? It Could Be Your Posture!!


Correct lower back or Lumbar spine posture is just one component of proper full body posture.  The lumbar spine consists of the vertebrae L1 to L5 and is located between the mid back and the sacrum sections of the spine.  From a physiological and biomechanical point of view the lumbar spine should have a slight curve towards the front of the body which helps to spread out the force going through your spine and is also important for balance and flexibility.  We can start to get issues in our lumbar spine such as pain, tightness and stiffness at rest and during movement if our lumbar spine posture is not in its correct position.


Many different working postures can have an influence on the function of the lower back such as sitting, standing, lifting, twisting and reaching postures.  More commonly it is the sitting postures that give most people trouble in their lumbar spines.  This is due to the way they we are sitting in relation to our working environment.  Often we are slumped forward in our chair, with our head sticking forward trying to focus on the screen.  This slumped posture of our lumbar spine is very bad for our intervertebral discs which help to provide shock absorption to our spine.  This posture can also increase your chances of experiencing pain and discomfort in your muscles as they are trying hard to maintain this flexed or bent forward position for hours on end without much rest, and they simply get worn out.


The correct way of sitting is to maintain a slight forward curve in the lumbar spine similar to that of standing.  This helps to reduce the force going through your intervertebral discs and can reduce the muscle tension in your lower back.


A study by Auburn University researchers (Anniston, Alabama, Pascoe, et al) stated the most common symptom reported from back pain is poor posture. (JournalErgonomics, vol. 40, #6, 1997). In addition, it is estimated that for every inch the head moves forward from neutral requires the exertion of 8-10kg of extra muscle tension. This extra muscle tension is transmitted down the spine, increasing chronic loading on the vertebrae and the intervertebral disks.


Now Active Physio Health can detect AND treat patients with a deficient posture profile with up to date software and technology, called Posture Pro. This accurately analyses your posture. Once the analysis is complete, a detailed report is provided giving you information on where your problems are occurring, and thus allowing you to accurately help fix the problem.


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