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Long Thoracic Nerve Injury

Do you have a winging scapula? Has physio tried to correct your posture with no improvement? You may have a Long Thoracic Nerve Injury.

The long thoracic nerve arises from the lower part of your neck, and supplies to serratus anterior muscle. The serratus anterior muscle is very important in controlling your shoulder blade position, and thus the function of your shoulder. Damage to this nerve may occur from trauma in the neck or shoulder pit region, and can cause excessive winging as shown in the diagram above. As it is a nerve injury, it can take some time to heal, but correct physiotherapy exercises, manual treatment techniques and specific nerve techniques will enable the Long Thoracic Nerve to fire correctly again and thus innervate these important muscles.

If you feel you have a “Winging Scapula” and you need help getting your shoulder function back to normal, give us a call or pop into the clinic to begin your rehab process.


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