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Importance of Shoulder Exercises

Importance of Shoulder Exercises

Trying to turn those shoulders into boulders, but heavy weights are causing you pain? The rotator cuff is the primary muscle complex involved in stabilizing your shoulder. Dysfunction and weakness in these muscles could be limiting your training and shoulder development. Studies have shown rotator cuff dysfunction is predictive of Injury and sporting performance. Issues with the rotator cuff aren’t just limited to the gym. Throwing and upper limb sports such as cricket, tennis and golf can also cause impingement and irritation of the rotator cuff tendons as well as hard physical jobs. All of which will slow your progress toward global sporting domination or beating your mate round 9 holes at the weekend.

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Here are a couple of Basic rotator cuff strengthening exercises that can easily be done at home:

  • External rotation: holding a theraband, start with your arm positioned across your body and locked in by your side with your elbow at 90 degrees. Rotate band away from body till your hand points directly in front of you.
  • Internal rotation: same instructions as with external rotation however the starting point is reversed. You would start with you hand pointing directly ahead, and rotate inwards finishing with your hand across your chest.

If addressed early, issues like this can be resolved quickly, so don’t let it wait. Visit us at Active Physio Health and let us check yourselves, before you wreck yourselves.

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