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Headache and Toothache Problem

Headache and Toothache Problem

Waking up with persistent headaches? Tooth and jaw pain you just can’t shift no matter how many sugary sacrifices you make? The Temporomandibular joint, otherwise known as your Jaw, can be the source of unremitting and frustrating pain. Dysfunctions of both the muscles of the jaw and the joint itself can cause radiating pain into your teeth as well as into your head, especially if your symptoms aren’t always related to eating. Some of the common causes for this are stress and grinding your teeth during sleep. Jaw and tooth pain is not something most people normally associate with physiotherapy, however we are here to help! If left untreated it can become more than just a sore tooth, seriously getting in the way of your gossip!


This is a map of pain patterns referring from your jaw and associated muscles.

headache3Using your index and middle finger, apply circular massage pressure to the sides of your head. This helps release the temporalis muscle which will tighten when you suffer jaw pain.

To learn more about Jaw pain, please contact Jack at Active Physio Health on ph. 4972 5155, or schedule an appointment today!


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