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Elizabeth Orr

Having worked predominantly in private practice since graduating, I have co-owned/operated three practices in New Zealand with my Physio husband.  Additionally we have worked as Physios in the United States (New Orleans) and again in Canada (British Columbia), our home being Gladstone since 2005.  It is here that I opened my fourth practice ‘Elizabeth Orr – Physiotherapy and Acupuncture’ in 2008, operating as my kids grew in a part time, and now full time capacity.

I have a passion to ‘solve the unsolvable’ and love treating chronic and difficult cases alongside the everyday issues.  Though I treat all back and spinal issues as well as sports and musculoskeletal dysfunctions, my many years have enabled me to branch into women’s health (pregnancy, infertility, pre and post menopause) alongside chronic pain and auto-immune disorders. In essence, there is nothing I will not treat!

When you come to me, expect a fast and accurate diagnosis with a treatment focussing strongly on the ’cause’ of your ‘symptom’.  I utilise only hands-on techniques (joint mobilisation and manipulation, fascial/soft tissue release) in conjunction with acupuncture and education.  In conjunction I work strongly with under-pinning issues from hormone irregularity and dominance, to methylation processes, histamine reactions – referring openly and speedily for additional tests and MRI’s.

Aside from loving what I do and having the privilege to work in my area of passion, I have three beautiful children (Josiah, Elisha and Lilah-Rose) who alongside my husband fill my time! I live in Calliope and enjoy cycling and all things outdoor – currently training as a Yoga Instructor.  Additional to this I am a musician – pianist, drummer, singer and a Christian.

Yours in ‘Solving your Unsolved’

Elizabeth Orr


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