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Dupuytren’s Contracture

Have you noticed 1 or more of your fingers have become bent and you are unable to straighten it? You may have a Dupuytren contracture.

A nodule may have developed over the past months or years, and is now causing your finger to bend. If it is now affecting daily life when gripping or trying to use your hand, a physiotherapist can help to maintain range of motion, strength and function of your hand.

Dupuytren contracture typically progresses over the course months or years. This condition most commonly begins with thickening of the skin on the palm, resulting in a puckering or dimpled appearance. As the condition progresses, bands of fibrotic tissue form in the palmar area and may travel toward the fingers. This tightening and shortening eventually leads to the affected fingers being pulled into flexion.

The main treatment for this is by injection or surgical intervention. Physiotherapy is important post intervention in the form of splinting, exercises, oedema and scar interventions to maintain the range of motion that was obtained through the injection or surgical removal of the fibrotic tissue. Functional range of motion of the fingers is imperative to many activities of daily living, making its preservation key.


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