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Muscle Tightness

Can’t seem to get rid of quartz quads or concrete calves. You’ve tried foam rolling until you cry, stretching like a gymnast, getting massages from every different therapist in town, put enough heat packs on to heat tasmania, but still tightness!! The benefits last in the short term but then it just seems to return. There could be an answer. Muscle Tightness also known as Muscle stiffness and is when your muscles feel tight and you find it more difficult to move than usual, especially after rest. You may also have muscle pains, cramping, and discomfort.

Recent research suggests that treating the cause of tightness is the best way to increase muscle length long term. Despite sounding counterintuitive, tightness in the hamstrings can in fact be as a result of weakness in hamstrings. Muscles fatigue with increased load in the short term, and become firm/tight. However, with specific strength training a process called sarcomerogenesis can occur in the long term. This increases muscle length and increases strength, improving performance.

You can’t go wrong getting strong

Consulting a physiotherapist is a step in the right direction to reduce your muscle tightness. Understanding the cause and enabling a long term solution is the bread and butter of physiotherapists at active physio health.


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