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The Blame Lies At Your Feet

The Blame Lies At Your Feet

Running long distances, but your joints are giving out before your lungs? Pounding the pavement but being hindered by pain in your hips, knees or ankles? The biomechanics of your feet may be to blame. The position of your foot as you stand, walk and run is integral to the function and health of the joints in your lower limb and lower back. Abnormalities in your foot position when running for example, can cause excessive loading of the inside of your knees and outside of your hips. This may lead to the development of a variety of injuries. You could fix the injury, but if you didn’t address the source of the problem; your feet, give it a few months and expect feelings of déjà vu. At Active Physio Health we use specialised Gaitscan software to highlight abnormalities in your feet, and use this information to make custom orthotics to correct these issues.
Things to think about to see if your feet are potentially to blame for your pain.

Pronation, were your foot rolls inwards, is the most common abnormality. Do any of these 5 signs of pronation sound familiar?

Shoes: have you tried completing your training in a different pair of shoes?

To learn more about the Gaitscan and Biomechanics, please contact Jack at Active Physio Health on ph. 4972 5155, or request and appointment.


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