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Bankart Lesion

A Bankart Lesion can occur after an anterior disclocation of the shoulder where the labrum (cartilage which forms the “cup” of the shoulder) detaches from the bony attachment in the shoulder (glenoid). Sometimes it will only be the cartilage which is damaged, at other times the detaching of the cartilage will also cause damage to the bony attachment and cause a fracture to the glenoid.


For this reason, if you do dislocate your shoulder it is extremely important to only allow a medical professional to relocate the shoulder. After any dislocation of the shoulder it shoulder it should be X-rayed to check for the presence of a Bankart lesion and to ensure the shoulder has been properly relocated.  


If a Bankart lesion is noted then this significantly increases the risk of instability within the joint and therefor the chance of re-dislocation occurring. A comprehensive rehab program is needed to ensure stability around the joint and a graded return to sport post disclocation. If the feeling of instability continues to occur then surgery to stabilise the joint may be considered.   



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