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Health and well-being seminars

Active Physio Health has a team of experts who specialise in nutrition, fitness and injury prevention as well as treatment. Our team can run a health education session at your premises covering a range of topics centred on creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

These seminars not only provide a wealth of information, but also inspire your employees to make change and to do their best in every aspect of life.

Each participant receives their own Active Physio Health pack including a range of products and vouchers to help them get started along the road to health and fitness.

It is our goal that participants walk away from this seminar with a new lease on life and a well thought out plan of action for reaching their goals.

Manual handling seminars

This seminar is a must for workers who perform physically demanding tasks. Our team will educate your employees about the dangers of incorrect lifting practices and provide critical advice and injury prevention techniques that can be used on a day-to-day basis.


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