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Children’s Physiotherapy


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iStock_000009248633XSmall-300x300Children don’t grow alone. Their growth is accompanied by their growing needs as their little bodies start taking on extreme pressure. During this most energetic phase of their life, continually running, playing, carrying school bags, long computer gaming sessions and growing pains can all cause discomfort and lead to your child learning bad habits. As a parent it’s your duty to keep these potential problems at bay.


Sharing your Parental Concerns, and doing something about them…

At Active Physio Health we share your concern for your children’s health. What’s even greater, our concern goes hand in hand with our ability to help you child grow in the healthiest way possible. We take your child’s growth and development very seriously and our passion for our work enables us to apply the benefits of physiotherapy in your children’s lives.


How we help them grow without painiStock_000009772056Small-200x300

We take the time to assess your child and find the cause of their discomfort. We teach your children how to minimize any pain they may be feeling and how to avoid learning bad postural habits. We use various methods that ensure a pain-free growing age for your little ones such as:

• Devise a special program to suit each child’s needs. The program may involve the use of balance, strength and co-ordination activities, toys, games or other special equipment.

• Monitor the child’s progress and alter the program as the child improves, develops and grows.

• Help the family understand the child’s problem and teach parents or carers the skills to develop the child’s ability to perform everyday tasks.

• Give advice regarding footwear or prescription of equipment to improve the child’s skills and function.

• Work in conjunction with other health professionals to meet all the child’s needs in a thorough and comprehensive way.

• Refer the child to other health professionals when appropriate.

• Consult with the child’s local specialist in the metropolitan or rural community.


Kids’ Good Posture: Half the size, Twice the Importance

iStock_000011888033XSmall-300x199Good posture is extremely important for everyone. For children, the importance is doubled as their growing age puts more pressure on their bodies. Their tender age requires considerable thought and focus as the habits they develop will shape their adulthood. A good posture is like a good habit, and a bad one like a bad habit. Active Physio Health has helped a lot of parents with their kids’ posture and over time, we have grown more efficient in helping children correct their posture. The key is the right information and guidance that we offer through our dedicated physiotherapy programs. If you don’t rectify your child’s posture, it will affect them not only presently, but also make the matter worse as he/she grows up.


Children and Backpack Safetych1-300x172

While backpacks are important for kids’ work and lifestyle, they can pose some serious health problems if they are not used properly. The spine has 33 bones called vertebrae and between these are discs that absorb shocks to the body and structure. Putting too much pressure on the vertebrae and discs, like incorrectly slinging a large and heavy backpack onto a child’s back, will force the child to compensate for the force of the weight by bending forward. This is bad posture and it makes the spine compress unnaturally. Simpler things like wearing the backpack just from one shoulder also affect posture. We educate children on how to wear their backpacks properly. Our help is crucial for their health as their small age and size means they are lifting loads that are heavier in proportion to their weight.


Growing Painsch2

If your 9 year old often complains about aching legs, it’s probably because of growing pains. Common for about 25% to 40% of children, growing pains usually occur in children aged between 3 and 5, and then later when they are between 8 and 12. The causes of growing pains are usually considered to be bad posture, tiredness and fatigue especially after a particularly active day. Children run, climb and jump a lot, not to mention the irregular sized backpacks they carry. All this contributes to growing pains.


How Physiotherapy helps deal with Growing Pains

Helping a child experiencing growing pains is not like treating a kid with some muscular disease or injury. Like growing pains, physiotherapy is natural and hence extremely effective in dealing with the pain. Growing pains wear off with time but how well you handle them while they occur will affect your child immensely. Active Physio Health specialists diagnose whether your child is having growing pains or the pain has some other reason. In the case of growing pains, our physiotherapy helps your child through effective exercises, useful advice and invaluable assurance. Precise exercises such as stretching and strengthening weak or tight muscles can work wonders for a child experiencing growing pains.

Ech3xpertise and Commitment

Our physiotherapy specialists help parents and their kids not only through their expertise, but also through their commitment and dedication that makes all Active Physio Health’s clients feel better the moment they step into our physiotherapy clinic.


Golf Physiotherapy


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Active Physio Health provides a specialized rehabilitation program for golf injuries. Our golf rehabilitation not only helps golfers recover from their injuries, but also improves their game . Our physiotherapists have the skill, experience and equipment to get your health and game in perfect shape.

Common Golf Problems AddressedGOLF1-200x300

Our golf rehabilitation takes care of all the common golf problems including:

  • Golfers Elbow
  • Low Back Pain
  • Middle-back stiffness
  • Rotator cuff problems
  • Knee pain
  • Neck Pain

Golf-Specific Exercises

To match your specific golf problems and  your desired outcomes in the game, our physiotherapists can  devise a golf-specific exercise program. The program will be targeted at your weaknesses, and geared towards  assisting your recovery and enhancing your golf.  Benefits may include increasing the distance of your drive, improve your swing, or achieving more trunk rotation.



At Active Physio Health we have a Golf Program, which is designed to improve your golf game. Benefits include:

  • Increase your distance
  • Improve core strength
  • Increase flexibility
  • Decrease occurrence of injury

What is involved

  • Initial golf assessment and screening
  • Exercise program for home and/ or gym
  • Review of nutrition
  • Review golf technique – stance, back swing, follow though phase.
  • Review previous injuries.

Lymphoedema Therapy

Lymphoedema is the build up of a protein rich fluid in an area of the body, often the arms and legs. It is due to the lymphatic system not working properly. This can be because of surgery or trauma to the area or some people are born with less lymphatic vessels. 


Lymphoedema can often feel as though an arm or leg is heavy, tired, tight and may have swelling that you can see. 

There are many treatments which can be done for people who suffer from lymphoedema and the earlier treatment is started the better the outcome.


There are many techniques we are able to implement including manual lymphatic drainage, exercises, taping, prescription of compression garments and client education.


Ella is a new member of our team at Active Physio Health, and she has completed post graduate studies to be certified as a Lymphoedema Therapist.


Ella undertakes assessments, treatments along with pre or post operation education for people at risk of lymphoedema or who may experience the above symptoms.


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Tennis Physiotherapy


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Physiotherapy for Tennis Injuries by an Experienced ExpertTennis01-150x150

Shayne Podbury, the director of Active Physio Health, previously played among the worlds top ranked tennis players and leads Active Physio Health’s tennis rehabilitation program. His dual qualifications in tennis and physiotherapy, makes him the ideal person for you to seek help and guidance regarding rehabilitation for tennis injuries. Shayne specialises in assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for all tennis injuries, and also conducts musculo-skeletal screenings for tennis players.


How We Treat Tennis Injuries

An important component of the physiotherapy evaluation of a tennis injury is to find the cause of the injury, rather than focussing on the symptoms. At Active Physio Health we take the time required to develop an effective treatment to get you back to full fitness in the safest and fast way possible.


Our goal is to have you, the athlete, return to a level of conditioning that is equal or above your pre-injury status.


To achieve this objective, we use the following actionable steps:

  • Protecting the injured area
  • Decreasing pain, swelling and inflammation
  • Maintaining and improving movement
  • Increasing muscular strength
  • Maintaining cardiovascular endurance
  • Improving balance
  • Ensuring a gradual return to tennis

WorkCover Program


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Active Physio Health works with WorkCover and Employers to deliver outcome-focused and goal-orientated services to injured workers.


Following principles set by WorkCover, Active Physio Health help workers return to work as quickly and safely as possible. We guide patients through recovery from beginning to end and ensure they are returned to work rehabilitated and well educated to prevent further damage.


Active Physio Health delivers exceptional service. Educating the injured worker on the importance of staying active and, if possible, to remain at work is a very important component in the recovery process. This helps to restore function, decrease disability, and increases the likelihood of returning the worker to full duties sooner.


Hard_WorksmWe believe that communication between WorkCover, treating medical practitioners, the employer, and other service providers are vital to ensure everyone involved is fully informed on the workers progress – this helps to provide a better outcome for the worker. It is important that the worker is rehabilitated physically and psychologically, so Active Physio Health identifies any risks that may hinder their recovery or return to work. Active Physio Health helps to set realistic goals with the WorkCover case manager that focus on suitable duties and return to work.


If a worker fails to reach the required abilities to return to their original working duties, Active Physio Health will visit the workplace with the employer to identify suitable duties beneficial to the employer and worker alike. If there are no suitable duties for the worker, Active Physio Health will assist in finding host employment at an alternative place of employment until the worker is fully rehabilitated.


Active Physio Health has providers in Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, and Exercise Physiology to help deliver the best outcome for workers, employers and WorkCover.


Some services include:

  • Complex Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
  • Independent case reviews
  • Pain management
  • Exercise program development
  • Detailed reports
  • Group exercise
  • Hydrotherapy and Gym services


Return to Work Services, including but not limited to:

  • Workplace assessments
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Suitable Duties Programs and Monitoring
  • Vocational Assessments
  • Case Conferences
  • Job seeking and placement services

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