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Clinical Pilates – Tannum Sands: (07) 4972 5155


“Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong posture, restores physical vitality, invigorating the mind and elevating the spirit” – Joseph Pilates
Our Clinical Pilates Sessions Are Designed To Suit your Personal Needs & Conducted “One-On-One” To Ensure Your Technique Is Accurate!
“All new attendees receive a bonus Fisiocrem at their first session!”
The ideal natural solution for muscle and joint aches & pains, bumps & bruises, even assisting in the management of low back pain, whiplash & sciatica.
Orthotic Session Times – Monday To Friday: 8am/6pm.
Weekend Orthotic Sessions – Sat: 8am/12pm – (Sun: Closed).
Call: (07) 4972 5155 For Actual Class Times.
Why Clinical Pilates is so highly recommended:
  • All our Pilates trainers are highly skilled & trained in the most recent Clinical Pilates techniques.
  • Clinical Pilates has excellent historical support for the treatment of low back pain.
  • Clinical Pilates is a form of exercise which aims at strengthening the core muscles.
  • It has been adapted by Physiotherapists to assist with rehabilitation & peak performance injuries.
More important information regarding our Pilates sessions:
  • You can book your Clinical Pilates session directly online or by phone.
  • We only provide Clinical Pilates classes at the clinic, so home visits are not available.
  • We offer all our attendees a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • All classrooms have the latest Pilates equipment & are air conditioned throughout.
Pilates is directed at training the core muscles to correct muscle imbalance (weakness, over-activity and activation issues), promote correct movement patterns and improve muscular control!
How To Start Your One-On-One Clinical Pilates Sessions:
Step One:
Call Us On (07) 4972 5155 or use our booking form at the bottom of this page to book your 1st session.
Step Two:
  • During your 1st one-on-one visit, your physiotherapist will do an assessment of your current condition.
  • They will take into account your general health, activities & lifestyle.
  • They will then construct an exercise program to provide you with the absolute best outcome.
  • They may give you simple exercises to continue with at home.
  • They will answer any questions you have about your Clinical Pilates sessions.
  • Once you have completed a minimum number of sessions, you will be free to attend the clinic in your own time.
Step Three:
  • You get to attend your fist class during your initial appointment.
  • You can book class sessions in packs of 6, 10, or 20.
  • You can call to make a regular booking so that you can attend & classes to independently strengthen your core!

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We Are The Most Highly Skilled, Expertly Trained
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