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Stress is something most of us suffer from at some point in our lives and it is becoming more and more apparent in today’s busy society. However we can only take so much before we begin to grow vulnerable to some serious health problems.


What happens when you’re really stressed out?

  • “fight or flight” response. When you’re stressed, the brain signals the adrenal glands to release adrenaline and cortisol. Persistently high levels of these chemicals may impair memory and learning and increase changes of depression.
  • increase blood sugar and glucose levels increasing risk of type two diabetes
  • can cause narrowing of the arteries and elevate cholesterol levels, upping your chances of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.
  • slowing wound healing, leaving you more susceptible to infection, and worsening skin conditions such as eczema, hives, and yes — acne.
  • dry mouth, indigestion, nausea, and gas, possibly causing diarrhoea or constipation. Have these symptoms chronically, and you may increase your risk for irritable bowel syndrome, severe heartburn, and ulcers.
  • constantly tight muscles can cause headaches and neck, shoulder, and back pain. Chronic stress may also increase your likelihood of developing osteoporosis.


Imagine being able to relieve your stress easily and naturally.


Acupuncture therapy helps your body to tune into your parasympathetic nervous system or relaxation response. After a treatment your heart beat is more regular, breathing is deeper, you’re bringing more oxygen into your blood stream, smooth muscles are relaxed and digestion is more complete. And on the psychological level it can help you to feel clear headed and refreshed. Over time acupuncture allows us to feel less affected by and better equipped to manage the stressful aspects of our lives. To enquire contact us on 49725155 (Gladstone) or 49925037 (Biloela).


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